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About HydroKleen Canada

A story built on innovation and clean air

John Sanders, founder of HydroKleen Global

The founders of HydroKleen Global discovered a critical gap in the market, and lead by passion, determination, and perseverance, created a worldwide business, changing lives and helping people Breathe Healthy Air.
In 2008 HydroKleen developed Australia’s unique and innovative cleaning equipment system for removing the build-up of contamination from HVAC split system air conditioners.

In 2015 he developed HydroKleen Global, to establish the HydroKleen equipment and systems across the world as a market-leading HVAC cleaning solution.

The CEO, John Sanders has been on the HydroKleen journey from the beginning (over 10 years) and is passionate about delivering a world-class HVAC cleaning equipment and systems solution to the market, whilst supporting his licensees to successfully grow their businesses.

John Sanders and his wife Sharon Jurd are current co-owners of the enterprise.

John Sanders, président et fondateur, HydroKleen Global
John Sanders, CEO of HydroKleen Global
Sharon Jurd, directrice, HydroKleen Global
Sharon Jurd, director, HydroKleen Global

For a clean environment

The air conditioner is the primary source of microbial contamination in the home. HydroKleen decided to treat the problem at its origin with a unique technology that eradicates mould and bacteria, thus reducing risks of respiratory illnesses.
Nicolas Charland, propriétaire HydroKleen Canada
Nicolas Charland, owner of HydroKleen Canada

Nicolas Charland, owner of HydroKleen Canada

Evolving in the field of Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional ventilation system cleaning for more than 20 years, Mr. Nicolas Charland wanted his company, Nouvel Air 2001 Inc, to be able to offer the cleaning service of air conditioning system / wall-mounted heat pump to its customers.

After several months of research on existing equipment, he discovered HydroKleen Global. Very interested in the product, he discussed several times with the founder Mr. John Sanders and decided to go to Australia to see for himself the quality and performance of the cleaning devices.

Convinced that the HydroKleen system could become a major asset to his company, Mr. Charland acquired the “Master” license for the province of Quebec in 2016. The success was such that he decided, in 2018, to acquire the “Master” license for the entire Canadian territory.

Since then, several Canadian companies have obtained a HydroKleen license to offer their customers the most complete maintenance and cleaning services in the industry. The HydroKleen brand is now present in several Canadian provinces including Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Labrador as well as in Quebec.

Do you have a business in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, or British Columbia and would like more information on HydroKleen licensing? Go to the License section.

Sub-Master Licensee Province of Quebec

Becoming a HydroKleen licensee finally allowed us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Together, we had specialized for more than 30 years in cleaning ventilation systems as well as installing ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems. For the cleaning of wall-mounted heat pumps, we had the same processes and the same machinery as all our competitors.

Knowing full well that other cleaning techniques and equipment did not clean completely in depth, the presentation of the process as well as the HydroKleen equipment convinced us to go ahead.

We are so convinced that this process is an added value and that it offers a superior quality of cleaning for our customers, that after having been licensed individually in our region, we decided to join forces and acquire the license “Sub-Master” for the province of Quebec.

If you are eager to provide superior cleaning service to your customers: Become a HydroKleen licensee!

Yannick Poudrier and Hélène St-Arnaud, HydroKleen Trois-Rivières / Centre du Québec licensees

Simon Bélisle and Nadine Constantineau, HydroKleen Laval licensees

Co-owners HydroKleen Province of Quebec.

Simon Bélisle et Nadine Constantineau, Licenciés Hydrokleen Laval
Simon Bélisle & Nadine Constantineau, HydroKleen Laval licensees
Yannick Poudrier et Hélène St-Arnaud, Licenciés HydroKleen Trois-Rivières et Centre du Québec
Yannick Poudrier & Hélène St-Arnaud, HydroKleen Trois-Rivières / Centre-du-Québec Licensees
Hacene Amarouche, Wayne and Deborah Arsenault, Licenciés HydroKleen Atlantic
Hacene Amarouche, Wayne and Deborah Arsenault, HydroKleen Atlantic Licensees

Sub-Master Atlantic Licensees

Wayne and Deborah Arsenault of Prince Edward Island are the proud owners of Thomas Edison Electric. As Thomas Edison Electric became one of the best heat pump installers in Prince Edward Island, it was revealed to the public and service companies that these units needed to be cleaned regularly.

Wayne was troubled by the realization that the cleaning devices on the market weren’t entirely effective and left dirt behind. He knew there had to be a better way, so he set out to do some research. Over two years of extensive research has led him to the conclusion that HydroKleen™ has the best air conditioner/heat pump cleaning equipment in the industry. After almost two years of hard work, HydroKleen Atlantic was launched in 2017.

Never satisfied with the bare minimum, Wayne and Deborah added the air exchanger and dryer duct cleaning service to the list of the services offered by HydroKleen Atlantic. HydroKleen Atlantic will continually strive to be the best in the industry for professionalism, customer service, quality work and trust.

Become a HydroKleen licensee

Joining the HydroKleen Canada team could be the best business decision you can make. We are in an industry with huge opportunities for expansion, thanks to a renewed focus on air quality, health, wellness and asset sustainability.