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Blog: Breathe Health and Clean Air

Take advantage of our tips for maintaining your air conditioning system, cleaning your ducts and breathing health!
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What I Can’t See Won’t Hurt Me

We all know, now more than ever before, that there are a lot of things that we cannot see that can hurt us. There are pollutants, contaminants, bacteria, and allergens
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Improving Productivity Through your Environment

Whether working in an office or working from home; your productivity can make the difference between clocking off at 5pm or needing to ‘pull an all-nighter’. We all know that
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What is Microbial Contamination?

You may have heard the HydroKleen team mention microbial contamination, but what is it and how does it relate to your air conditioner? Microbial (or microbiological) contamination refers to the
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5 Criteria to Consider When Booking an Air Conditioner Clean

When your air conditioner gets smelly, noisy or doesn’t seem to work as well as it used to, it’s time to schedule an appointment to have your air conditioner serviced.
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Hot Tips for Air Conditioner/Heat Pump Maintenance

How much time do you spend thinking about the quality of air you breathe? If it’s clean, fresh air, probably not much. However, if you’ve spent time in a smoggy,
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Healthier Home Habits for Your Family

All the best habits start at home. By creating a healthy home life, this tends to naturally expand into other areas of your life, which benefits you, your family and
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