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Hot Tips for Air Conditioner/Heat Pump Maintenance

How much time do you spend thinking about the quality of air you breathe? If it’s clean, fresh air, probably not much. However, if you’ve spent time in a smoggy, polluted, or smoky area, it’s a different story! Did you know that a dirty air conditioner can also contaminate the air you breathe? From spreading dust to Legionnaires’ Disease, (in bigger commercial units) it’s worth ensuring your air conditioner is well maintained.

1. Protect your outdoor unit

Although it needs to be well ventilated, especially whilst in use, a garden screen, that still provides access, can help protect the outdoor unit from the elements. Keep plants or grass well cut back, away from the unit, as well as stray leaves and other debris. You can also, when maintaining your garden, use your garden hose to clean your outdoor condenser to free it from the fine layers of pollen that can interfere with its proper functioning.

2. Service your air conditioner regularly

We recommend that you have your air conditioner/heat pump cleaned at least once a year before it is used to its maximum. This will ensure your air conditioner to operate more efficiently and ensure good air quality. If you hire a professional company like HydroKleen Canada, contact them to get your appointment before the start of the season and avoid the summer rush.

3. The steps of a good cleaning

Cleaning your air conditioner/heat pump should include the following steps. Simply checking and completing a basic filter cleaning is not enough to achieve great results. Make sure the company that will service your air conditioner checks and cleans all the interior components of your unit.

  • Evaluate the air conditioning system before starting maintenance.
  • Check the cooling index of each air conditioner.
  • Assess airflow
  • Remove and clean the plastic components of the unit.
  • Remove and clean the filters
  • Apply the HydroKleen ™ treatment to the evaporator (coil) and clean it.
  • Check and clean the drainage tube.
  • Clean the fan barrel
  • Put the parts on the air conditioner back in place
  • Clean the air conditioner controller
  • Re-evaluate cooling index after cleaning
  • Re-evaluate airflow
  • Clean the outdoor condenser
  • Ensure that everything is cleannat the customer’s house
  • Note the problems encountered (if any and discuss them with the customer)

5. Which company to choose?

You need to find a reputable cleaning service company that specializes in cleaning and disinfecting air conditioners. At HydroKleen Canada, our service team is specially trained in air conditioner cleaning and works with the best technology in the field. Our registered trademark and our many Hydrokleen licensee partners are a pledge of confidence.

Speak to one of our representatives today to schedule an appointment for the regular maintenance of your air conditioner / heat pump. Regular maintenance of your appliance will save you money on your electricity bill by reducing your appliance’s energy consumption by up to 30%. This will not only reduce the risk of fungal contamination and respiratory health issues but will extend the life and maximize the performance of your device. Breathe Health with HydroKleen Canada.