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Find the most frequently asked questions here. If you cannot find answers to your questions here, do not hesitate to contact us.
A HydroKleen License is an excellent development opportunity for existing HVAC or refrigeration companies and/or for entrepreneurs and businessmen wishing to start their own business. As our business model doesn’t require a physical office, this significantly decreases initial licensing and ongoing overhead costs. In addition, the license provides access to specific tools, systems and products, as well as in-depth training of a unique, state-of-the-art cleaning equipment system.

The HydroKleen™ cleaning equipment, combined with online training offered with the purchase of a license, make HydroKleen™ the industry leader in air conditioning wall unit cleaning. The high-pressure water pump, developed over the years, produces a cleaning superior to the methods available on the market. After developing and testing numerous cleaning agents, HydroKleen™ opted for a product that meets all the sanitary standards and cleaning needs required to ensure a completely clean air conditioning system. Want to see the difference our cleaning system makes? You can view one or more of our videos on YouTube.

Non-Exclusive Licensees

Licensees with a “Non-Exclusive Licence” purchase the equipment package with a 10-year license. A Non-Exclusive licensee is for a town/city/region and has NO exclusivity over that area.
E.g. Another Non-Exclusive HydroKleen license can be sold into that town/city or province by HydroKleen Global.

Exclusive Licensees

Licensees with an “Exclusive Licence” purchase the rights to a town/city with a 15-year license.
An Exclusive licensee has exclusivity over that area and no other equipment can be sold into that area for 15 years by HydroKleen Canada. The price for an Exclusive License is worked out on a case-by-case basis.

Sub-Master Licensees

Licensees with a “Sub-Master Licence” purchase the rights to a province with a 20 + 20-year license. A Sub-Master licensee has exclusivity over that area and no other equipment can be sold into that area for 20 + 20 years by HydroKleen Canada. The holder of a Sub-Master license may sell exclusive or non-exclusive licenses in its territory and will manage the licensees in its territory on behalf of HydroKleen Canada. The price for a Sub-Master License is worked out on a case-by-case basis.

View the “Premium Package Equipment” to see a photo and the complete list provided equipment. The licence gives you permission to use the HydroKleen name and equipment and a login to access our website for use of training, marketing, intellectual property, product and spare parts ordering. This is for your protection as well as ours.

In most cases the coil is probably dirty, especially if it has never been cleaned. If the temperature falls down a few degrees after cleaning, then the solution was a simple clean and service. On the other hand, if nothing changes, a refrigeration company may have to come and replace the refrigerant and ensure that your system has no leaks.
It is probably very dirty, which prevents the airflow from smoothly passing through. Cleaning your filters periodically can help maintain your unit. On the other hand, a deep cleaning of your device carried out by HydroKleen will double the air circulation capacity of the latter.
A smelly air conditioner / heat pump is an air conditioner / heat pump that needs to be cleaned. A full maintenance service will fix this problem. This odor can be caused by fungi, mold or bacteria that are lodged in the coil as well as on the blower fan.
The best way to confirm if your device is contaminated is to manually open the ventilation flaps on your device when it is turned off. Using a flashlight, look on the fan for any black spots or residue buildup. If so, contact us for an appointment.
Manufacturer warranties recommend an annual deep cleaning in order to keep your air fresh and your mini split working efficiently. However, if your heat pump is located in an area that is damp, in a frequently used kitchen or near multiple pets, it is recommended to have your heat pump cleaned every six months.

A leaking air conditioner/heat pump likely means that there is a clog in your drain hose.  When a drain has a clog, the moisture backs up into the unit and then has to come out somewhere – usually down your wall!  Clogs in the drain hose occur when an air conditioner/heat pump has a build-up of contaminants on the inside that dislodge and then stuck in the hose.  When this happens, you need to turn off your air conditioner/heat pump immediately and call a HydroKleen technician to service your unit as soon as possible to prevent any permanent water damage to your home.