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HydroKleen Licence

Acquire a HydroKleen licence

Begin your entrepreneurial journey or add a source of revenue to your business with HydroKleen Canada

If you are currently operating an air conditioning, refrigeration or electrical business and are looking to expand, or just want to become an entrepreneur, a HydroKleen franchise could be the best decision you will make. Indeed, we are perfectly positioned in a rapidly growing sector based on values that affect every single person, namely indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

The HydroKleen system is firmly established as the international market leader in the air conditioner cleaning industry.

Complete professional HydroKleen training is now available across the province of Quebec

We provide all of our retailers with comprehensive technical, administrative and sales training. You too can therefore become an expert and bring this exceptional service to your local market. You will also be given ongoing support and training through monthly contact with our Business Development Manager and/or National Sales Manager.

Five reasons to become a HydroKleen retailer

1- The HydroKleen system is unique and trusted internationally 

Several years of research and development were needed to create this process. The machine we use is strong enough to clean the dirtiest air conditioning units.

2- HydroKleen is an environmentally friendly company

In addition to using a safe, non-hazardous cleaning agent, the efficiency of our service extends the lifespan of your air conditioning system, while also reducing its power consumption. Moreover, we contribute to the improvement of the overall air quality.

3- HydroKleen has registered its intellectual property protection in every province it operates in

The intellectual property rights cover all products developed by HydroKleen, including the pump and the catchment bags. The retailer is therefore assured that he or she offers a unique service in Canada, which cannot be duplicated by any competitor.

4- Each approved owner of a HydroKleen equipment package becomes a licence holder

The retailer can therefore take advantage of all the tools necessary to run a smooth operation and can use the HydroKleen trademark to promote its services, in accordance with the agreement signed by both parties.

5- All HydroKleen retailers are continuously provided with practical information

Retailers are given personal login information to access all of the training, marketing, merchandizing and maintenance material. These tools are updated frequently.

What you need to know