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HydroKleen Canada LicenSE

Become a HydroKleen licensee​

Become a HydroKleen licensee​

Joining the HydroKleen Canada team could be the best business decision you can make.

Are you currently operating an HVAC business or a refrigeration business, providing air conditioning and heating services with an expansion goal? Or do you want to start your entrepreneurial adventure in a booming industry?

Joining the HydroKleen Canada team could be the best business decision you can make.

HydroKleen™ is the market leader in providing contractors, business owners, HVAC companies and technicians with state-of-the-art HVAC cleaning equipment and systems.

Extensive experience in starting and growing HVAC cleaning licensee businesses in over 40 countries over the past 10 years puts HydroKleen™ light years ahead of the competition. Plus, the equipment and systems are currently best in class, so your customers will benefit from the safe and effective cleaning of their HVAC systems with unique equipment specifically designed for HVAC system cleaning.

This is an industry with huge opportunities for expansion, thanks to a renewed focus on air quality, health, wellness, and asset sustainability.

technicien en nettoyage Hydrokleen

Complete professional HydroKleen training is now available everywhere across Canada

We provide all of our retailers with comprehensive technical, administrative and sales training. You too can therefore become an expert and bring this exceptional service to your local market. Ongoing support is also provided by your province’s sub-master licensee.
matériel promotionnel HydroKleen

A deployment strategy and a variety of marketing methods

The HydroKleen Quebec license agreement gives you unique access:

  • To the online training program;
  • Advertising material, including various brochures;
  • To all HydroKleen maintenance videos;
  • To a 10-year license agreement, including a nominal annual fee;
  • To HydroKleen Technical Support;
  • To a continuous supply of spare parts and various products.
trousse complète de nettoyage HydroKleen

A complete HydroKleen kit

Several years of research and development have led to the creation of a unique cleaning technology.

The industrial-grade device, as well as the cleaning bags, were designed by a team of experts to optimize the speed and cost of a maintenance service.

The complete HydroKleen kit includes:

  • The device; 
  • The cleaning bags (4) (including the wall bracket and the cassette cleaning bags);
  • All additional accessories.
logo - National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program

National partnership opportunities

Technology certified by international bodies

HydroKleen has an exclusive partnership with the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program and with Aeris Environmental, as the system was developed in Australia. These partnerships mean that we are the only company specializing in air conditioner cleaning that offers a service that truly eliminates all traces of mold, fungus and odors caused by bacteria.

Five reasons to become a HydroKleen retailer

1- The HydroKleen system is unique and trusted internationally

Several years of research and development were needed to create this process. The machine we use is strong enough to clean the dirtiest air conditioning units.

2- HydroKleen Canada is an environmentally friendly company

In addition to using a safe, non-hazardous cleaning agent, the efficiency of our service extends the lifespan of your air conditioning system, while also reducing its power consumption. Moreover, we contribute to the improvement of the overall air quality.

3- HydroKleen has registered its intellectual property protection for Canada

The intellectual property rights cover all products developed by HydroKleen, including the pump and the catchment bags. The retailer is therefore assured that he or she offers a unique service in Canada, which cannot be duplicated by any competitor.

4- Each approved owner of a HydroKleen equipment package becomes a licence holder

The retailer can therefore take advantage of all the tools necessary to run a smooth operation and can use the HydroKleen trademark to promote its services, in accordance with the agreement signed by both parties.

5- All HydroKleen retailers are continuously provided with practical information

Retailers are given personal login information to access all of the training, marketing, merchandising and maintenance material. These tools are updated frequently.