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Proud to offer prompt and professional services

We specialize in the cleaning and sanitizing of air conditioning systems, ceiling units and heat pumps

Over time, air conditioners become less and less efficient in cooling down your home. A HydroKleen treatment is the solution to this problem, as it thoroughly cleans your unit. 

Our unique technology developed in Australia was designed to be strong enough to clean the dirtiest of coils and barrel fans without actually breaking or bending parts.

You and your family can breathe healthy air again.

You can rely on our expertise

Get in touch with one of our retailers now and we will be there as quickly as possible to clean up and service your air conditioner.

Three very good reasons for cleaning your air conditioner or heat pump regularly

1- Save on your power bill by reducing your unit's energy consumption by up to 30%

If the blower fan is covered in dirt and grime, air velocity decreases dramatically and so you are tempted to turn up the fan speed and turn down the temperature in order to cool the room down. This, of course, is going to use more power! When your fan undergoes a HydroKleen treatment, it normally more than doubles the volume of air passing through it, without overworking the fan's motor.

2- Prevent microbial contamination and respiratory health risks

The second reason is especially significant to allergy sufferers, children and the elderly. All air conditioners, after regular usage, become infected with microbial contamination, including fungi, mould and bacteria. Air conditioners and heat pumps are the perfect environment for such contaminants, which become airborne every time you switch your air conditioner on. Regular servicing of your unit will sanitize it.

3- Extend the life of your air conditioner and maximize its efficiency

Imagine if you purchased a new car and never do any of the regular maintenance activities, such as changing the oil or the air cleaner. It may last five years, if that! Your air conditioner is no different: if you routinely service it, it will last longer. Sustainability is your contribution to the environment!

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