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Testimonials from our customers

Customers’ satisfaction is our top priority at HydroKleen Quebec. The testimonies below show the positive experience of the people who chose us as their service provider.

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  • Hydrokleen Canada

    Thanks to HydroKleen South-West, I am very satisfied. The service is very professional and without any damage.

    Louise Beauchamp

  • Hydrokleen Canada

    Very professional work by Francis Lavoie (HydroKleen Boucherville). Very impressive advanced technology. My air conditioning wall unit works like a new one. I highly recommend this company. A very satisfied customer!

    Benoit Ratthe

  • Avec deux enfants souffrant d'asthme à la maison, le nettoyage spécialisé de l'unité murale était une priorité pour nous. Le travail effectué par cette compagnie est professionnel, les employés sont courtois et les résultats à la hauteur de nos attentes. Merci HydroKleen, vous nous permettez maintenant de respirer la santé! 

    Stefan B.

  • Professional work done by the Repentigny licensee. After the HydroKleen cleaning, my 15-year-old air-conditioned wall unit now works like a new one.

    A very satisfied customer.

    Philippe DaSilva

  • Hydrokleen Canada

    I was looking for a business opportunity that would reach a growing customer base and allow me to add a new service to my small business.  

    I am proud to have chosen HydroKleen. HydroKleen Quebec's sales and technical support teams are constantly working on creative solutions for work techniques, visibility and uniformity of image. I can now devote myself 100% to the development of my company. 

    Thank you HydroKleen Quebec!

    Gabriel Boisvert-Tapp / Grafonet